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At DiscountMyFlights Group, we have three main objectives: help travelers to find all of the good deals on airfare available online in one central, easy to access location, to help them decide on when it is and isn’t a good time to buy and to help them understand what is and isn’t a good deal for the route they would like to fly. We do this using technology that is able to aggregate all deals available through all of the largest online travel agencies across the world. We then analyze the data to determine if a deal is good or not, if the time is right to buy and what is a good price on any given route.

Travel Tips for the Modern Adventurer

In the digital era, the boundaries between online and outdoor experiences are fading. At DiscountMyFlights Group, we cater to modern adventurers who merge their digital lives with their love for nature. Our tips ensure you remain connected and entertained across all your journeys.

  • Smart Packing: We provide essential tips for safeguarding your devices, covering everything from durable cases to portable chargers.
  • Connectivity on the Go: Learn how to stay online anywhere, with advice on global SIM cards, portable Wi-Fi, and essential outdoor apps.
  • Offline Entertainment: Discover ways to stay entertained without internet access, perfect for long flights or remote escapes.
  • Eco-Friendly Tech: Embrace sustainable travel with our guide to green gadgets and practices that protect the environment as you explore.
  • Balancing Screen Time: We emphasize the importance of enjoying the moment, offering strategies to balance digital use with immersive travel experiences.

For more detailed advice on how to blend your love for technology with your passion for adventure, explore our dedicated page on Balancing Online Play & Travel Experiences. Dive deeper into how you can enrich your travel experiences by integrating the digital world into your outdoor adventures, ensuring a fulfilling journey every time.

Book your airline tickets

Book your airline tickets

  • We work with over 400 airlines. If you have a preference on which airline you fly with, we’ll find you the best deals with them.
  • Our speciality is finding cheap tickets to and from Canada. No one else offers such a tailored solution for flights like we do.
  • You won’t finder a cheaper deal elsewhere. We work tirelessly to find every last airfare option for your journey.

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  • You can now easily book the cheapest flights through a number of online travel agencies. Through our partnerships with hundreds of airlines, we are able to provide the best flight deals.
  • Our Flight Deals page is constantly being updated to with current flight deals to provide Canadians with the best possible options.
  • With DiscountMyFlights, have the confidence that you are getting the best flight price in comparison to other booking sites.

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  • Airlines try to take advantage of your situation by charging you more. We work with over 400 airlines to find you the best deals available when you’re flying on short notice.
  • Nobody does a better job of finding every last airfare to offer you the best possible options for your flight. You won’t find a better deal elsewhere!
  • We specialize in finding last minute flight deals specifically for Canadians. No more relying on big American travel brands. We tailor our fares to you.

About Us

We were founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2014 by Mark Nelson, our current CEO. Back in 2010, Mark was tired of the endless chase of the elusive good deal on flights. His only son was attending the University of Toronto and Mark wanted to be able to fly to Toronto to see his son as often as he could. Like the rest of us, money limited how often he could visit and he found himself spending countless hours trying to find cheap tickets. Frustrated, Mark decided to build a tool himself to do a lot of that work for him. Fast-forward four years and Mark’s tool is now the robust technology that powers our websites.

Please enjoy our website. We hope to help you find better deals on flights and save more money on airfare than ever before!