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Vital Info

Qatar Airways was founded in 1993 in .

  • 1-877-777-2827


Most aircraft has seat pitch of 32 inch.

SkyTrax Rating

The airline has been rated 5 star.


The airline has been rated provides star.


Wifi available on few aircraft, for a fee.

On-time Performance

Airline has 75% on-time performance.


Most aircraft provides AVOD.

Top Destinations

Baggage Policy

Economy passengers flying to/from Brazil, Argentina, Canada and the US are allowed two pieces of luggage up to 70 lb. Passengers flying between Brazil and Argentina are allowed two pieces of luggage up to 50 lb. Economy passengers for all other destinations are allowed luggage up to 66 lb.

Qatar Airways’s Top Routes

  • Montreal to Chennai
  • Montreal to Bangalore
  • Montreal to Dubai
  • Montreal to Abu Dhabi
  • Montreal to Johannesburg
  • Montreal to Tehran
  • Montreal to Karachi
  • Vancouver to Lahore
  • Edmonton to Lahore
  • Vancouver to Jeddah
  • Calgary to Lahore

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